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Sr. Data Product Manager (E-Commerce)

Santa Clara, CaliforniaFull-time
About the Job
Main responsibilities:
  • Define key metrics to track the success or prioritize features 
  • Data-driven product development, management, and experimentation decision-making
  • Apply data science techniques, data engineering processes, and market experimentation tests to deliver customized product experiences
  • Leverage the prowess of data warehousing and visualization to inform product strategy
  • Develop data pipelines and warehousing strategies that prepare data collected from a product for robust analysis
  • Learn techniques to evaluate data from live products, including how to design and execute various A/B and multivariate tests to shape the next iteration of a product
  • Evaluate the output captured in statistical analyses and translate them into insights to inform product decisions
  • Graduated with at least a bachelor's degree in relevant fields, a master's degree is preferred
  • Have at least 5-6+ years of related experience
  • Understand and know SQL, NoSQL, Machine Learning, AI
  • Know programming languages such as Python is a plus
  • Have working experience in conducting data-driven marketing campaigns, A/B tests, etc. 
  • High familiarity with Google Analytics, Mixpanel, data tracking, tagging, and data analytics 
  • Have experience working in the software/IT industry, and have managed software projects in the past
  • Great communication skills, proven self-management and team-management skills
  • A solid understanding of business cases and risk management processes
  • Strong leadership skills, capability to make decisions under pressure
  • Strong professionalism, great work ethic, and great execution skills
  • Having customer relationship management experience is preferred
  • Faster learner, willing to take challenges
About Globaleur

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