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Travel Business Manager (PT)

About the Job
Job Responsibilities:
  • Work with local travel agencies for tour and guide arrangements, partnerships, and customer experiences.
  • Ensure customer tours & activities are conducted smoothly.
  • Build relationships with local travel agencies and create new travel packages and deals.
  • Build travel experience packages that are curated towards' customers' needs.
  • Participate as a travel guide and accompany customers for their local tours and activities.
  • Write and manage travel blogs, and manage travel social media.
  • Work with the European market and African market travel agencies.

  • Have a bachelor's degree or above in business, technology, marketing, or tourism related.
  • Have great responsibilities and can handle tasks independently.
  • Great at communication, and responsive to customers, clients, and partners.
  • Understand the local markets well and have a strong interest and passion to promote local travel businesses.
  • Great knowledge of local things to do, local activities, food, and culture.
  • Have a car and possess a valid driver's license.
  • Excellent in English, French, Arabic, or other languages, great writing skills.
  • Have business negotiation experiences, and client-facing experiences is a great plus.
  • Great time management skills, attention to detail, great at planning, very organized.
  • Patient with customers, and great sense of taking care of customers.
  • Have extensive knowledge of the European and African travel market is a great plus.

This is a remote job. You can be anywhere in Morocco. You may be required to travel from time to time. 
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